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Brooks Stevens 

Corporate Website

Brooks Stevens is a Milwaukee-based product development consultancy with an 80-year history of diverse product knowledge and holistic processes. The company needed a an updated website that reflected their new branding direction and engages industrial design enthusiasts as well as generate leads. 


The site is primarily used to showcase their extensive body of work. Projects were organized by category then featured on their own page with a carousel of images illustrating various stages of development along a brief description of the of how Brooks Stevens applied their process of research, industrial design and engineering to arrive at a creative solution. 

The design elements included the brand color palette and circular UI elements that echo the shape of their logo mark and macro-style photography that draws attention to the textures and the elegant shapes used in the details of the products they design.

To demonstrate the commitment the current owners have to the legacy of their founder Brooks Stevens, it was important to create a timeline of his contributions and art historical significance.