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Toho Technologies and their food safety brand, CERTUS, asked Brooks Stevens to develop an instrument that would incubate test tube samples used to determine the presence of food borne pathogens in small to mid-size food processing facilities. This unit along with their proprietary testing kits, enable companies to conduct testing in-house, saving them the cost and time of sending samples to outside laboratories.

The client also required the use of a mobile tablet device and the development of an app that would act as a conduit between the technician and the machine. To do this effectively, I worked with a team of industrial designers to create streamlined workflow and interface to guide the user through initial test set-up, profile and facility map management to final test results and reports. We determined the order of steps necessary to complete the test after the samples were collected by meeting with the company's science advisors and software developers. Our hand written notes and diagrams evolved into wireframes onto which I applied stylized GUI elements based on their branding. Because the CERTUS brand was in the early stages of development, we were able to steer the graphic direction in our use of color gradients, icon style and offer suggestions of how to use an element of their logo as a supporting graphic in the GUI and other collateral materials.