Brooks Stevens, Inc.

Brand Book

When Brooks Stevens merged with Ingenium in 2007 a new company logo was developed but the significance of the logo type and mark had been lost over time. Before designing their website a set of branding guidelines had to be developed. In 2008 they had a branding agency conduct an audit but their findings did not resonate with the principals of the company and their recommendations were not acted upon. Undoubtedly inspired by the company's legacy, the branding agency identified the Brooks Stevens, Inc. with the Sage archetype, the trusted advisor, mentor. The Sage was too passive, dispassionate a characterization for this dynamic crew of industrial designers and engineers.

A more fitting archetype -- that of the Creator, who has the inventive foresight to mold the world of possibilities into a stunning work of art seemed more appropriate.  Hephaestus was the first "creator" figure that came to mind. Greek god of volcanoes, he served as the blacksmith of the gods. He was the maker Athena's (goddess of wisdom) mechanical owl and was worshipped in the manufacturing and industrial centers of Greece.  The image of Hephaestus, harnessing the divine spark of inspiration, his powerful arm raised with the hammer about to “strike the iron when it is hot” speaks to the business opportunities Brooks Stevens wants to help create for their clients. 

This brand story helped me develop a rationale for the "flywheel" in the logo mark and corporate color palette that is used on all of their marketing materials and website.

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